July 20-24 Virtual Camp: Adventure with the Ivory Queen

July 20-24: Adventure with the Ivory Queen

A missing chess piece. A mysterious coffee shop. A jungle full of perilous traps. To find the prize, you’ll need to learn about the rules and history of chess, and match wits for some of the world’s best players.


Adventure with us through a digital escape room puzzle,  as well as games, language, typing, fitness, and hands-on activities:

-Rainbow walking water experiement

-Make your ice cream (in a bag!)

-Create invisible ink

-Make edible caramel slime

-Make your own spinner toy


Camps meet virtually from 1-4pm EST Monday-Friday and are lead by an engaging Confetti camp counselor, who is available (virtually) to your child during the full camp hours. There will be independent hands-on work away from the computer and physical activity. A supply list of minimal, readily available materials will be provided for the hands-on activites, so your child can have all they need for the week of exploration!


This camp is best suited for children who have a comfort-level with reading independently. Younger campers can participate, but will require assistance from someone at home to engage in the activities.


In support of our community-based mission, we are donating 15% of the proceeds from our summer camp sales to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, America's premier legal organization fighting for racial justice.

  • Technical Requirements

    What device do I need? Each camper needs a device with Internet access. If you have a laptop or Chromebook, you will have an easier time typing and participating compared to if you only have a smartphone. But a smartphone will work, in a pinch. Whatever device you use, it needs to have a camera and microphone so that campers can participate in videoconferencing. It also needs to have a strong Internet connection.

    What browser works best? Campers will be doing learning challenges on the Brain Chase platform. It works best with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. It does not support Microsoft Explorer or Edge.



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