July 12-17: Deep Blue Sea

July 12-17: Deep Blue Sea

Camp at Confetti is a full week of play, learning, and time with friends as we explore a weekly theme that is creatively woven through each day’s activities. With an age appropriate balance of free play and guided activities, your camper is sure to end the week with fun memories, expanded knowledge, and new friends. Targeted for 5-12 year olds, campers will be in a small cohort that observes COVID public health guidance applicable at the time, likely masks inside and social distancing outside for snacks and meals.


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Campers will dive into life in the deep blue sea. They’ll learn about the marine ecosystems and efforts around their conservation, play ocean explorer games, create magical depictions of life under the sea, and craft their own ocean aquarium.


Camp runs weekly from June 28 through August 27th from 9am-4pm for $325 per session. Snacks (2x daily) are provided and you have the option to add lunch from our cafe.


Given the current situation with COVID-19, all camps will be fully refundable should guidance prevent group gatherings during scheduled sessions.


The daily schedule:

9:00am-9:30  Camp Arrival – Free Play

9:30am  Morning Circle

10:00am  Active Guided Play

10:30am  Snack and Story time

11:00am  Themed Activity (STEM-based)

11:45am  Free Play

1230 pm  Lunch 

1:00pm  Imagination Story Time

1:15pm  Art & Craft

2:00pm  Themed Activity

2:45pm  Snack

3:15pm  Free Play

3:45-4:00pm  Camp Dismissal


June 28-July 3: Around the World in 5 Days

Spur your child’s appreciation of our vast world. We will explore geography and cultures each day as we circle the globe. Campers will be exposed to languages and music, taste new foods, play unique games, and create art that represents each place they visit to fill their passport. 


July 5-9: Time Travelers

Campers will build a time machine to take us back to explore eras throughout history and into the future to imagine the possibilities. Campers will learn history and periodic cultures, use their imaginations, create and construct items from each time period we visit, and play all along the way. 


July 12-17:  Deep Blue Sea 

Campers will dive into life in the deep blue sea.  They’ll learn about the marine ecosystems and efforts around their conservation, play ocean explorer games, create magical depictions of life under the sea, and craft their own ocean aquarium.


July 19-23: The Art of Science

Campers will explore the intersection of science and art through conducting experiments that result in eye-catching wonder. They will be amazed as they apply the science concepts they learn to also create beauty as we encourage them to think outside of the scientific box.  


July 26-July 30: Shining Stars 

Campers will embark on a journey of space and astronomy as we travel through our galaxy and beyond. Campers will conduct space experiments, build a space station, play space explorer games, taste space food, and create art and craft projects to showcase what they learn. 


August 2-6: Mad Scientists 

Campers will don their lab coats, silly goggles, and delve hands-on into fun and wacky science principles. In addition to playing with science, they will learn to move through the scientific method, including conducting experiments, making observations, and presenting their findings. They’ll even create their own treasures, such as crystals, to bring home. 


August 9-13: Animal Antics 

Lions, tarantulas, bald eagles, oh my! Campers will learn about animals far and wide, as they explore the silly side (and lesser-known facts) of animal favorites. They’ll travel the globe through animal habitats, charting the animals they discover, play animal explorer games, and create art and crafts that represents their favorites.


August 16-21:  I Spy 

Shhhh. It’s top secret that campers will hone their investigative skills and problem-solving craft during this fun spy-themed week.  Campers will design their character and disguise, decipher code, create spy gadgets, embark on exciting missions, and chronicle their adventures along the way.


August 23-27: Myths, Legends & Fairytales

Campers will embark on a quest of tales from yesteryears to spur their imagination. They will reenact stories, play games, make representative art and craft projects, and create their very own legends inspired by the world around us. 


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