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Create Your Own COVID-19 Time Capsule

Let's be honest - The last 5 months have been an emotional roller coaster. And sometimes it seems like Coronavirus may never become a thing of the past. But humans are so resilient, and even though things look bleak, there is light at the end of the tunnel. So we wanted to share a fun activity to help families stay positive and begin to look forward to a time when Coronavirus will finally be behind us: Creating a COVID-19 Time Capsule.

To create a Time Capsule, you need:

1. A Tightly Closed Container

Find one that will keep out light, dust and other air-borne pollutants, and water. Of course, we're all hoping COVID won't last decades, so you can probably be a little bit relaxed on the requirements if you plan to open it in just a few years.

Find them on Amazon, or personalized keepsake boxes are available on Etsy.

2. A Good Place to Store it

If your family is planning to go the more traditional route by burying your time capsule for one or more decades, be sure to mark the spot with a pile of stones, or a plaque. You don't want to forget where it is!

And if you're planning to open it in a few years, the back of a closet or under the bed is a perfect spot. Wherever you choose, just ensure that it's not at risk of getting wet. This could occur accidentally in a basement or garage.

3. The Time Capsule Contents

Regardless of what you chose to put in your Time Capsule, it will be a blast opening it up and reminiscing together as a family!

Here's a quick list of items and keepsakes you might enjoy looking back on together as a family (unrelated to COVID-19):

  1. Child's artwork

  2. Family photo

  3. Pet picture

  4. Local newspaper from the day

  5. A letter from you to your child

  6. A letter from your child to their future self

  7. Favorite family recipe

  8. All About Me pages

4. COVID-19 Time Capsule Sheet

And given how strange and surreal COVID-19 has made our lives, it'll be fascinating looking back on what we look at today as "normal" when the world actually returns to normal! Download this free COVID-19 Time Capsule PDF and fill it out as a family, or individually. Have fun!

Free COVID-19 Time Capsule Sheet

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