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Betty the Yeti's All Weather Snow!

Ever since Betty the Confetti Yeti moved in, we have been in the winter spirit here at Confetti and we won't let above freezing temperatures stop us from playing in the snow! Betty loves using this all weather snow to build snowmen and have snowball fights.

This all season activity offers hours of sensory fun for kids of all ages. But don't worry, it's super simple to make! See our video directions below:


- 1 Cup White Shaving Cream

- 1 Cup Baking Soda

- Optional: Accessories for a Mini Snowman - we used clay pieces!


  1. Carefully fold the baking soda into the shaving cream.

  2. When it starts to come together and no longer sticks to your hands it is ready to form snowballs and build snowmen!

Betty the Yeti can't wait to see what you create with your all-weather snow! Share your creation and tag @confettiplaycafe to make sure that Betty doesn't miss it!

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